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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Rick and Morty

The funniest, nerdiest, sharpest cartoon on television is back for round two in the fight for the multiverse.


Where All of the Characters and Actors from Northern Exposure Wound Up

For the final installment of our 25th anniversary look at this seminal television show, we take a look at all your favorite folks from Cicely and where they are today.


The Magic of “Aurora Borealis” and the Best Episodes of Northern Exposure

For the legendary show’s 25th anniversary this week, we’re reminiscing about its greatest hits and what they meant.


Why Northern Exposure Still Stands as One of the Greatest Shows Ever Made

You can’t legally stream it, and most people barely remember it existed, but this antithesis to David Lynch deserves a re-watch now more than ever. Especially since your favorite fun shows call back to it all the time.

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What to Make of the Most Cosmic Game of Thrones Theory After Season 5

In 2013, a noble blogger by the handle of Dorian the Historian lined up George R.R. Martin’s pieces for one of the best predictions for how A Song of Ice and Fire will end. Here’s our update.