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Outcryer Journal Presents Brian Sheffield

Brian Sheffield: Writing poetry between the lines and learning to talk about it. Be prepared for a brutally honest read that will not only tear through your heartstrings but also leave you questioning your own position in society. Brian Sheffield is unafraid to get vulnerably raw and punch his own privilege in the face. Devastatingly […]

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Algernon Charles Swinburne Ranks the Style Guides Based on Google Popularity

Our favorite poet takes your (least) favorite style books to task.

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I Have Been Taught to Leave My Poetry Behind

As a writer, I was taught to be three things: Clear, concise, and honest. These are all excellent things to be, but sometimes I wonder if they always align.

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How Walt Whitman Predicted What It Means to Be Queer in 2015

And why you should care about 150-year-old poems.