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The Republic of Wolves: Through Empty Vessels and into the Limelight

Issue 001: The Republic of Wolves At Outcryer, we believe heavily in the power of friend collaboration. There is something about like-minded individuals who come together to get shit done. The Republic of Wolves are no exception. Starting as a band of four friends playing in high school, they have beaten the odds of staying […]

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He's Gone: A Family History with the Grateful Dead

Featuring John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats, Jerry Garcia spiking a mayor’s drink with acid, and the wild, weird ride the Dead took me and my cousin on for years. Farewell to them.

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I Have Been Taught to Leave My Poetry Behind

As a writer, I was taught to be three things: Clear, concise, and honest. These are all excellent things to be, but sometimes I wonder if they always align.

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A Love Letter to Ornette Coleman, Jazz Legend Lost

“I want them to follow themselves, but to be with me.”

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A Friday Fancy: Swords and Songs

With fanciful flourish and prose so purple as to shame the violets we summarize this week’s news for you in our “Friday Fancy.” Treat the ears to a lusciously linguistic column we may make returns to should a wily whimsy strike us.

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Bass Nemesis

Sure, bassists can take a lot of crap, but I never expected this.

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Taylor Swift’s Brand of Girl Empowerment Is Riddled with Blank Spaces

How blind feminism trumps female autonomy on the pop music charts.