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Seamus Mullin: Storyteller of the Hour

Issue 001 – Seamus Mullin There is something about a writer who is unafraid to explore voice and leave comfort at the door. From self-conscious celery eater, to apathetic boyfriend, to wife, Seamus Mullin is prepared to dive the depths to craft a story. And that’s what he is, a lovely storyteller. His pieces feel […]

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The Duel, Reconsidered

Minor spats often escalate with no easy out, and the American legal system does a disservice to the disenfranchised. It’s time to bring back the duel.

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EXCLUSIVE: Steve Stern on The Pinch, Pogroms, Enclaves, and “Yiddishkeit Lite”

With all respect paid to Saul Bellow and Michael Chabon, Jewish and Black communities getting along in the South, and maybe even some castration jokes.