Seamus Mullin: Storyteller of the Hour

The Editors

August 8, 2015

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Issue 001 – Seamus Mullin

There is something about a writer who is unafraid to explore voice and leave comfort at the door. From self-conscious celery eater, to apathetic boyfriend, to wife, Seamus Mullin is prepared to dive the depths to craft a story. And that’s what he is, a lovely storyteller. His pieces feel as neat as they are intriguing, and we are left wanting to read more.

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The Interview:

How did you get started?

I’ve always been a big fan of stories and storytelling ever since I was young, and I freely exercised my imagination.

Instead of one imaginary friend, I had four, a whole posse for the dramas and adventures I conducted.  Of course it helped that my parents encouraged me to read as early as possible.

I think around age 10 or 11 I was reading the Redwall series, when I realized yes I want to always do this, and started considering myself a writer.

What inspires you?

Reading always puts me in the mood to write, although sometimes the challenge then becomes not to write in a way that unconsciously “mimics” the tone and style of what I’m reading.  Atmospheric and electronic music from acts Oneohtrix Point Never and Aphex Twin is also really good for “setting a mood”. Also I HAVE to give a shoutout to my mother, who has always been a font of wisdom, and whose voice probably shows up in my characters more often than I even notice.

What does art mean to you? In other words, define art for us.

Art is the truth. It’s humanity holding up a mirror to all of its parts, the nice bits and the nasty ones.

Through fiction, and visuals and music and drama and other expression, we understand more about ourselves than scientific fact can ever reveal.

Tell us about your most favorite piece of work that you have done.  Why is it meaningful to you?

There’s a blog post  I made about 5 years ago that I’m still proud of.  It’s topical, visually difficult to read, and the writing straight-up stinks, but it’s fun to look back on and see how far I have and haven’t progressed.

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The Outlyers:

Tell us a deep dark secret.

I still haven’t read or watched The Shining.  I’ve carried on in multiple conversations like I know the movie intimately…but apart from the same quotables everyone knows, (Heeeeeere’s Johnny!), I just don’t have a clue.

Finish this sentence……

I’m the happiest when I have a good drink and interesting company

I feel most fulfilled when people respond to my writing. If it stirred some feeling whether it is positive or negative.

If I had it my way artists would never starve, the subway would never be delayed, and Trent Reznor would never age.

It’s happy hour, what are you ordering?

A Capt Morgan’s and Coke. Don’t you dare judge; it’s delicious and gets the job done.

Seamus Mullin is based in Brooklyn, NY.

Seamus Mullin

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