Jen Steinbeck: Quiet Electricity

The Editors

August 2, 2015

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Issue 001: Jen Steinbeck

Leave your shoes at the door, and enter the contemplative world of Jen Steinbeck. Her careful eye has captured some seriously breathtaking imagery, and it leaves us thinking of her stories long after viewing. Who else’s portfolio boasts of an arctic tundra and delicate freckles? And she doesn’t stop there: Jen is not afraid to post running ideas on her page of poetry, thoughts, and sketches. Can’t get enough, like us? Take it to the next level and follow her dope Instagram page for subtle escapes throughout the day. We promise it’s worth the scroll.

[metaslider id=4108] Photographs by Jen Steinbeck

The Interview:

How did you get started?

I was a child with a camera in my hands, pointed towards the sky, up towards the birds.

What are you doing now?  Please give an example of current work or projects:

Slowly acquiring film shots, developing, sifting, and quietly introducing them by means of my website and Instagram.

Digital Photograph by Jen Steinbeck
Digital Photograph by Jen Steinbeck

What inspires you?

Visual commentary and audible silence.

Future plans: what are you doing next?

Working on projects across the media. Honestly, keeping my feelers out and receiving the next winds. Some writings (poetry mostly, some longer form) are flowing.

What does art mean to you? In other words, define art for us.

Art is something to bring contemplation, known or passive.

Tell us about your most favorite piece of work that you have done.  Why is it meaningful to you?

Well, I just wrote this. It may not be a timeless classic in my past narrative, but I like where it might take me.

I like to have sex to whale noises

The sound

Of convoluting forms shifting masses within the field of the earth’s largest body

Booming and hush squeak speak

Nothing quite on top

I’m just kidding I like trip hop

Photograph by Jen Steinbeck
Photograph by Jen Steinbeck

The Outlyers:

If you could travel anywhere, where would you travel? And why?

I’m going to keep this variable. I am keen on places that are layered by cultures past, while at the same time have new energy sprouting from seeds engrained. I can list off cities which I adore, and landscapes which inhibit endless lust, but I believe that in letting go of presumed characteristics, one can witness a setting with more fulfillment.

Finish this sentence……please dear.

I’m the happiest when…time vanishes.

I feel most fulfilled when…something new is found in something thought known. Or when smiles are returned.

It’s happy hour, what are you ordering?

Hard ciders.

Jen Steinbeck is based in Brooklyn, NY.

Credit: Asher Torres,

Photo Credit: Asher Torres,


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