Charlene Bagcal: When Fashion Meets Cutting Edge Film

The Editors

August 8, 2015

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Issue 001- Charlene Bagcal

Fashion Film Director?  Check.  Music Video Director?  Check. Fashion Photographer?  You got it. Charlene Bagcal’s work encompasses an unapologetic expression that is the perfect mix of high fashion, androgyny, and punk. She also manages to accomplish this all while celebrating the female form. In other words, she’s badass. We’re swooning over her fashion forward LA looks and are incredibly excited to see what’s next from her.

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The Interview:

How did you get started?

It is actually a funny story about how I got my start as a fashion editorial photographer. When I was still majoring in photography, I was approached by a creative director from a fashion magazine. They asked me if I was interested in being their cover model. I am shy, and hate being in front of the camera, but I was intrigued by the idea. I asked what the concept was, and it was interesting so I reluctantly agreed. Before the actual shoot, I asked the magazine if I could show them my portfolio because I was interested in fashion photography. They ended up loving my work and immediately asked if I was interested in shooting for their publication.

In the end, I declined the cover shoot and photographed for them instead.

As far as my directing career, I suppose it was the natural progression of things for me. I love photography, but I also always knew that it was only a small fraction of the whole picture. I started to direct my own fashion films and thankfully publications picked them all, International commissions soon followed. Seven months into directing, I was offered an amazing opportunity to work with one of the leading creative production companies. This was a huge turning point for me, and I never imagined this level of recognition so soon. It fueled my desire to push myself even harder since the stakes were higher. Since then, my work as both a fashion film director and music video director have been featured with SHOWstudio (UK), BULLETT, NYLON, NME, DRESSLAB (Spain), and Fashion TV.

Slick for SHOWstudio (UK) Film Directed by Charlene Bagcal

What inspires you?

Nature, my vivid dreams, and surrealism.

Future plans: what are you doing next?

I will be revisiting two feature film projects being produced by my production company, LUXX Convex Studio, here in LA. My business partner and DP, Eduardo Servello, and I are really excited to get these films in motion. The films are still in their infancy, but we plan on locking down the scripts by the end of the year so we can begin principle photography in 2016.

What does art mean to you? In other words, define art for us.

Art is something that evokes emotion. I want to be moved by art and still be thinking about a piece in a gallery three weeks after I initially saw it.

Tell us about your most favorite piece of work that you have done. Why is it meaningful to you?

My favorite piece is a thriller series I was asked to create with a major studio in Los Angeles. I spent over a year developing it. It was a road that was extremely challenging and amazing at the same time. I am forever grateful for my amazing and supportive producer and talented scriptwriter for helping me along the journey. Together, I feel we really created something memorable for audiences. I could not have asked for a better team. Another project I enjoyed working on was photographing Gary Numan for LADYGUNN magazine at The Sunset Marquis in West Hollywood, California. Numan is a true innovator, so it was such a honor to meet a musician that has inspired so many artists. He was such a delight to work with.

Another Day for DRESSLAB (Spain) Film Directed by Charlene Bagcal

The Outlyers:

If you could travel anywhere, where would you travel? And why?

I have been entertaining the idea of traveling to Iceland. The vast and impressive landscape is very inspiring to me. I would love to stay there for a month, and film and photograph the terrain. I’d also love to relax in the hot springs and read outdoors.

It’s happy hour, what are you ordering?

Tempura fried seaweed.

Charlene Bagcal is based in Los Angeles, CA. 

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