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Friday Fancy: An Equality Special

With fanciful flourish and prose so purple as to shame the violets we summarize this week’s news for you in our irregular series, the “Friday Fancy.”

June 26, 2015

The flag Jasper Johns painted by .
Jasper Johns’s most famous painting, the “Flag.”

#MarriageEquality in America is a thing

Hark! In ye olde City of New York, Pride Week it has begun, and all across the land marriage equality is a bountiful and beautiful thing. The people they celebrate, the pundits they scream, and one artist whose work we felt it appropriate to hail on this seminal day is good sir Jasper Johns — that baron of brush! that prince of paint! — a gay man who carried his real-world experience to his work. Today, let us interpret his best-known piece, featured above, with renewed pride in our free-loving hearts and respect for the people who newly feel as free as anyone else. Today, America, you are beautiful, and we love you.

We must needs hail Rose McGowan

For unimpeachable class, for bravery, for having the guts to say, “Eff you.” She is far from alone, and by thunder, in her valiant war on Hollywood sexism, she has our support as well.

Harry Potter lives once again

Or at least his world does, filled as it is with boundless wonders, in a new play based on a new story Harry Potter and the Cursed Child — partly written, and now announced, by Potter’s real-world matriarch, Rowling, Mother of Wands. There will be magic, there will be curses, and children may or may not run rampant as the Potter media machine blazes its trail into the performing arts once more.


And Patrick Macnee is dead, may he rest in peace

OG British Avenger, suavest of spies, master of umbrellas, raised by lesbians and himself fanciful of speech, he shall be missed.

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