Thank You for Your Time

A farewell to Outcryer.

Eric Vilas-Boas is a journalist based in New York. His writing has been published by Esquire, Spin, Elle, Popular Mechanics, and Consequence of Sound, among others. He edits for

December 7, 2015


If you’re reading this, it probably means that our corner of the Internet meant something to you, or, just as likely, that you mean something to the people who edited and wrote for it. Pounding this site into shape like so much kneaded dough—crafting nerdy 4,000-word essays about Game of Thrones and examinations of Northern Exposure, interviewing Steve Stern about “Yiddishkeit Lite,” heralding the music of the Grateful Dead through the people we love, declaring further love for the people who love roller derby, publishing the perspective of director and Bosnian refugee Sabina Vajraca, marveling at the weird creatures of Timothy Ellis Cole, understanding the committed diligence of Wino-Strut, giving an artist like FREECARE a platform to tell his own story, and working to present each story with a visual verve and personality to match at every step—all meant more to us than anything we’ve done before. We learned so much from this endeavor, and hope to carry those lessons to future projects for the rest of our lives.

So thank you. Thank you for reading our work. Thank you for the kind words and the handful of snarky comments. Thank you for caring. If you read this now, and the work we published moved you in some way, don’t hesitate to reach out for a conversation or maybe a beer. The people who wrote for us and the artists we featured are among the best and brightest in their respective fields. More than anything, we’d like to thank all of them for trusting us to work with them.

Good night and good luck,

Eric, Caitlin, Nora, Kevin, John

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  • John Maher

    See you, space cowboy.

    • Eric Vilas-Boas


  • Sasha Safonova

    Farewell, woods of words.

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