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Funeral Gold: It’s time to get waaavy

Issue 001 – Funeral Gold Funeral Gold is downright fun, immediately setting the tone for any good time you want to remember with your friends. We can’t help but dig their surfy lo-fi tunes, even when Jon Paul is screaming “Look At Me I Wanna Be Somebody!” with an all-too-relatable angst. Give “Seven Years” a […]

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Parker Detchon: “Painting Like The Wind Out Here!”

Issue 001 – Parker Detchon Building literally from the ground up, Parker’s paintings are made with completely recycled materials he’s either salvaged or has been given through donations. Outside of being just downright cool looking, we are enraptured with watching the spiritual progression in his pieces and the direct channeling of sacred geometry. Our spirits […]

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Charlene Bagcal: When Fashion Meets Cutting Edge Film

Issue 001- Charlene Bagcal Fashion Film Director?  Check.  Music Video Director?  Check. Fashion Photographer?  You got it. Charlene Bagcal’s work encompasses an unapologetic expression that is the perfect mix of high fashion, androgyny, and punk. She also manages to accomplish this all while celebrating the female form. In other words, she’s badass. We’re swooning over […]


Seamus Mullin: Storyteller of the Hour

Issue 001 – Seamus Mullin There is something about a writer who is unafraid to explore voice and leave comfort at the door. From self-conscious celery eater, to apathetic boyfriend, to wife, Seamus Mullin is prepared to dive the depths to craft a story. And that’s what he is, a lovely storyteller. His pieces feel […]

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The Republic of Wolves: Through Empty Vessels and into the Limelight

Issue 001: The Republic of Wolves At Outcryer, we believe heavily in the power of friend collaboration. There is something about like-minded individuals who come together to get shit done. The Republic of Wolves are no exception. Starting as a band of four friends playing in high school, they have beaten the odds of staying […]

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Outcryer Journal Presents Brian Sheffield

Brian Sheffield: Writing poetry between the lines and learning to talk about it. Be prepared for a brutally honest read that will not only tear through your heartstrings but also leave you questioning your own position in society. Brian Sheffield is unafraid to get vulnerably raw and punch his own privilege in the face. Devastatingly […]